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Elastic meat net

The elastic meat net is designed for meat and poultry to give a nice appearance and uniform shape.

The elastic meat nets shrink with the meat during heat treatment, so that the shape and appearance remain uniform and appetizing.

Perfect for salted pieces of meat such as ham and beef roast. The elastic meat is available in different qualities and colors for boiling and roasting.

Nature’s colours

Our food colours are created from the vibrant and diverse raw materials found in nature. Colours range from yellow, to orange, to red, to green, to purple, as well as black and white. Dosage can be adjusted to create unique shades and we also offer blends to achieve your ideal colour tone.

Pigments are extracted and standardised such as:

  • Chlorophyll (Green)
  • Anthocyanin (Purple)
  • Curcumin (Yellow)
  • Capsanthin (Orange/Red)
  • Betanin (Red)

Our range of ‘clean label’ colouring foods with intrinsic colouring ability, but without E-numbers. Typically these are vegetable and fruit derived, such as Beetroot Liquid and Spinach Powder which are simply declared as an ingredient on your label.

Texture Creating Products

Textured protein (also called textured soy protein or soy meat) is mainly made from fat-free soy flour. It is used in a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes or as a meat extender.

Fibrous protein is cheaper than meat, poultry, or fish and is an environmentally friendly source of protein.

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