Kiranto Foods is proud of its products that we refer to as Kiran® products. Our Kiran® products excel at adding great functional and/or flavour value to our customers. All of our Kiran® products can be customised to provide you with a unique blend for your individual products.


The Kiran®  Products

Kiran© products

Kiran® GEL

Kiran® GEL is our line of excipient mixtures of emulsifiers and hydrocolloids with water binding and gel forming properties. These mixtures are intended for the products in which a high-water binding capacity and gel formation are important, for example in production of cod roe and other canned products.

As with our other mixtures, these can be tailored to the customer’s requirements in relation to the applications in which the mixture will be used.

Kiran® GEL mixtures can be used for fish, meat, and poultry

Kiran® PRO

For products where high functional value is required, Kiran® PRO blends are the obvious choice. These blends are protein-based functional additive blends and can be used in a wide range of product types. Among other things, these can be used to optimise the price of minced meat products, where part of the meat can be replaced by water, oil, and Kiran® PRO blends. Or as a stabilising blend in products where the raw material base changes.

Thus, the addition of Kiran® PRO brings benefits in terms of both quality and price..


Kiran® EXTRACT is our product line that takes the best herbs and spices to produce stable quality spice and herb extracts. The extracts we produce have the advantage of a high consistent quality due to our rigorous quality control and are much easier to use. With Kiran® EXTRACT, you can ensure excellent consistent flavour in your product without the use of fresh herbs and spices, or in combination with these to add even more depth of flavor to your product. By using our herb and spice extracts, you have the opportunity to stay ahead of the sensitive price markets for fresh herbs and spices, because we take the risk for you and the extract prices are not as sensitive to price fluctuations. For more information on Kiran® EXTRACT products, please contact us. 

Kiran® CURRY

Curry is a spice blend, usually consisting of 10-20 different spices. The ingredients can vary and it is not unusual for each family in the home country of curries – India – to have its own curry recipe. At Kiranto Foods, we have developed 5 new varieties of curries. We call these Kiran® CURRY. 

Each variety is distinct and has a modern twist. 

  • Kiran® CURRY Gold: Traditional curry with smoked ingredients. 
  • Kiran® CURRY Red: Pepper-based curry with lemongrass and coconut milk.
  • Kiran® CURRY Green: An exotic curry with jalapeno and kaffir lime as the main ingredients. 
  • Kiran® CURRY BBQ: Super flavour with chipotle chilli and paprika. 
  • Kiran® CURRY Fish: Ideal for fish with dill and lemon.

There are infinite possibilities – contact us for inspiration on how to use Kiran® CURRY.

Kiran® GREEN

In line with the increased focus on environmental impact, health, and plant-based products in general, we have developed Kiran® GREEN – a range of products for products that are completely meat-free or have a reduced meat content. As an increasing number of people in Europe have specific dietary requirements, it makes sense to expand the range to include these types of products.  By minimising the use of meat, our customers have the opportunity to create a greener image of the products sold to consumers at home and abroad. The Kiran® GREEN range of products has been developed in such a way that they can generally be produced on existing meat industry equipment. The range includes sausages, nuggets, pies, and burgers. Kiran® GREEN is a complete blend and comprises often a functional blend and a flavour blend. Join us on a journey towards a greener world with Kiranto Foods.  

Kiran® CLEAN

In line with the increased focus on allergens, clean labelling and transparency, we have developed Kiran® CLEAN. In short, this concept is based on classic products from which allergens have been removed and additives reduced, so that these products can be included in the range of clean labelling. The concept covers products in the categories of raw and cooked/smoked sausages, injected products, pies, and minced meat products such as meatballs. 

Kiran® CLEAN gives our customers more opportunities in a market where clean labelling is commonplace, not just a niche product.

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