Flavour Ingredients

Our flavour and speciality team creates high quality, cost-effective ingredients that meet global regulatory standards as well as the demanding application needs of our customers. We have an excellent global supply chain and logistics system that helps us meet the purchasing requirements of our local and global customers, providing flexibility, quality, and exceptional service. In addition, we are supported by world-class R&D, a global manufacturing network, and outstanding regulatory and quality teams. Our sites comply with international standards, including ISO 22000:2018 and ISO TS 22002-1:2009. See the certificate here.


Wide  Selection

Flavor ingredients


Flavouring can be derived from the bark, e.g. cinnamon; the roots, e.g. ginger and turmeric; the leaves, e.g. bay leaves, rosemary, and thyme; the flowers, e.g. jasmine and saffron; the fruits, including berries, e.g. pepper, spice, juniper, rowan, and paprika; the seeds, e.g. mustard and fennel.

Spices are used to add taste and aroma to products, and in some cases also contribute to creating an interesting and appetising product and appearance.  The consumer encounters spices partly by purchasing spices in processed products and partly by buying pure spices and spice blends from the supermarket for home cooking. The key to good quality spices is the wide choice of spices in the market. Spices are natural products that can vary in appearance and quality depending on location, country and season, and are highly dependent on growing and harvesting conditions, with weather being a major factor. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Spice Blends

At Kiranto Foods, we opened our production facilities in 2008 and this move is a major step in the direction of what we want. It gives us a reliable, flexible and dynamic approach in our collaboration with our customers. Therefore, in cooperation with our customers, we can develop new seasoning blends customised in batch-ready bags. Our seasoning blends are tailored to your needs and preferences, so we can capture the exact flavour profile you want.

Bio Spice Blends

At Kiranto Foods, we also have bio spices and spice blends. The organic market is growing and the Danes are one of the largest consumers of organic products in Europe and their contribution to the market is increasing year by year. Denmark is the leading country in the world with the largest retail market share for organic products. As a result, consumers are constantly demanding new and exciting products, which we at Kiranto Foods are pleased to offer together with our customers. 

Blends with Functionality and Flavour

In addition, we produce blends with functionality and flavour. This can be a sausage blend, used when phosphate needs to be added to increase the water binding and fat binding capacity of the meat, so that the meat becomes juicier, has lower cooking waste, and becomes firmer in consistency.


A well-balanced marinade gives the meat more complexity and intensity in flavour and appetising appearance. At the same time, it creates a protective coating that prevents the meat from drying out. Whether you prefer liquid or dry marinade, oil or emulsion, we have the right solution for you – from regional flavours to international grilling trends.

We have a wide range of marinades and organic marinades that are perfect for steaks, spare ribs, pork, beef, fish, and chicken or anything else that can benefit from an extra touch of a seasoned chef. Perfect for barbecue and easy to use.

Starter Cultures for Meat Products

Starter cultures are micro-organisms specially adapted to the product to ensure controlled processing of raw sausage and raw ham. The most important advantages of using starter cultures are:

  • Increased product safety (reduction of hygiene risks).
  • Ensuring consistent product quality.

The production of Bitec starter cultures is carried out following the strictest standards, which guarantees pure cultures. The microorganisms are selected according to characteristics such as the formation of aroma, acidity, and colour. The final bacteria produced are mixed into a Bitec starter culture that can be used to produce salami and ham. All batches of Bitec starter cultures are checked for purity to avoid any risk of contamination.

At Kiranto Foods, we can help and guide you in choosing the right starter culture or give you the inspiration to try and experiment with a new product, which requires starter cultures and fermentation.

Brine Blends

We have a range of functional brine blends. The products are customised for different uses, so it is easily possible to find the perfect solution for your products. By combining different excipients and additives in the right proportions, an optimal yield of different ingredients can be achieved. These brine blends are complete blends that only need to be mixed with water and salt. We have both high and low functionality blends, as well as allergen-free and phosphate-free blends.

Yeast Extracts

Yeast extract is the generic name for various processed yeast products that are made by extracting the cell content (cell wall removal); they are used as an ingredient and as flavour enhancers. It is a natural product and is often used to impart a salty flavour and umami, and can be found in a wide variety of foods, including prepared foods, meat products, biscuits, snacks, sauces, brines and more.

Yeast extracts and fermented foods contain glutamic acid and amino acid, which are also found in meat, cheese, mushrooms and vegetables, including mushrooms, broccoli, and tomatoes.

Almost every recipe needs seasoning to make it tasty, whether it’s a sausage, a salami, a soup or something else. Yeast extracts are natural ingredients derived from fresh yeast. In fact, the same type of yeast we use to make bread, wine, and beer.


At Kiranto Foods, we are passionate about great flavour. We have developed our own product range, consisting of bouillons and broths. Kiran® Bouillon represents a wide range of flavours including fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, umami, smoked, and fried flavours. 

Natural Extracts

Good quality natural spices give meat a genuine and delicious flavour, enhanced by the essential oils of fresh spices and herbs. However, many choose to use natural spice extracts for a variety of reasons, although the sensory quality may be different. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Process technology: use in brine or other liquid blends may require the flavouring component to be water soluble. In this case, the use of spice extracts may be the only option.
  • Bacteriology: Due to the very low bacterial count of spice extracts, their use may be preferable in some products. If the spice cannot be acquired in accordance with the quality standards, spice extracts may be a viable solution.
  • Economy: Spice extracts are also cheaper than natural spices without compromising on the flavour, which is why more producers are opting for this solution in their products.

Meat Extracts and Proteins

At Kiranto Foods we have meat extracts and proteins. Of the proteins, we have pea and soy proteins and many others. Proteins are really good for emulsification and can be used as hydrocolloids in certain cases. These proteins are used extensively in products such as sausages and hams, where they bind water and fat, giving a better consistency and a higher yield.

Dry Rubs

We also have dry rubs, which are used to give the meat plenty of flavour and a nice appearance in a short time. Massage the seasoning blend onto the surface of the meat and it is ready to be grilled.

Dry Vegetables

Dried vegetables have been dehydrated and have undergone a gentle drying process, which significantly extends their shelf life. Dried vegetables still retain their vitamins and flavour, so they are a great addition to many recipes.

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